Landing Pages - for Ghost CMS Themes

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Landing Pages - for Ghost CMS Themes

Biron Themes
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A collection of landing pages for Ghost. Here is what's included:


A template to showcase your personal and professional skills, market yourself and generate leads. The focus is on getting email subscribers by highlighting your services and expertise with social proof included.

Demo: https://landing-personal.bironthemes.com/


A template for startups and entrepreneurs focusing on what's important: offering a clear path to conversion. This includes call-to-action, lead generation, great visuals, features, and social proof.

Demo: https://landing-startup.bironthemes.com/


The goal of a newsletter landing page is to get visitors to sign up for your email newsletter. This template will help with that, using proven strategies: highly visible CTA, social proof, and eliminating distractions.

Demo: https://landing-newsletter.bironthemes.com/


If the goal is to have more readers, it's essential to have a great landing page for your blog. With this template you can showcase your best articles, generating more subscribers.

Demo: https://landing-blog.bironthemes.com/


With this template, you can showcase the projects that you have been working on. It's ideal for writers to use this portfolio and get the attention of visitors and new leads.

Demo: https://landing-portfolio.bironthemes.com/

Podcast Landing Page

This template provides an overview of the latest or featured episodes, and links to all relevant podcast platforms. It's focused on giving your visitors a brief overview of the podcast and giving a reason to subscribe.

Demo: https://landing-podcast.bironthemes.com/

Images are not included in the download.

Instructions on how to add this to your Ghost theme are provided in the download.

The price starts at $9 and it will be increased with sales.

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